Turning the world’s waste streams into value

Circular Rubber Technologies Inc.

0% of mining tires get recycled into high grade applications

1,000,000 tonnes of mining tires containing 450,000+ tonnes of valuable natural rubber are landfilled on site each year

What if we could make new tires out of every end-of-life mining tire?

CRT Rubber Reclaim

High grade, natural rubber reclaim

Without adding chemicals to the original composition

Substitutes virgin material in tires and other rubber applications


Full resources recovery —steel and natural rubber compound

Over 80% CO2e savings compared to virgin rubber

Prevents deforestation by decreasing the demand of virgin rubber

An end-to-end solution bringing resources from end users back to manufacturers, tracking the life cycle, optimising each step of the process and monitoring impact

CRT's continuous, thermo-mechanical devulcanisation process produces high grade natural rubber reclaim maintaining the original formulation

Our tracking software guarantees traceability along the supply chain, transparent Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) and Carbon Impact (CI) calculations and enables the transition to circular models as well as rubber products as a service

A 29 million metric ton global rubber market, of which 3 million metric ton are in North America's tire manufacturing alone

The global rubber reclaim market grows 12% year on year

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